Dr. Jayshree Panjikar
Pune, India

Having already attained an FGA diploma from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A), Dr. Panjikar completed her DGemG at Idar-Oberstein's Deutsche Gemmologische Gesellschaft in 1984. In the years that followed, she would remain in Germany to study for a Doctorate in Geology as a DAAD scholar at the University of Heidelberg, during which her specialty was the rubies and emeralds of her native India. She is also a certified diamond grader from the HRD in Antwerp, a GIA pearl graduate and has completed advanced training in the use of Raman and FTIR detection equipment at the Gemological Institute of Thailand (GIT). She has since given much back to the academic community in the form of numerous papers and presentations at a variety of international gemmological conferences and seminars. These contributions have been widely recognized via a plethora of honorary memberships and lifetime achievement awards, both in her native India and beyond.

Within her professional life, Jayshree Panjikar worked at the Gemmological Institute of India (GII) for over thirty years, where she served as the Head of Research and Development. Today, her primary focus is her own gem testing laboratory, PanGem Enterprises. which also encompasses the PanGemTech gemological research and educational facility. Alongside AIGS, PanGem became a co-founding member of the International Consortium of Gem Testing Laboratories (ICGL) - a cooperative body that promotes the sharing of knowledge amongst the world's leading gemological testing laboratories.