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Tay Thye Sun

After graduating with a Master''s Degree from Imperial College London in 1977 and gaining a G.G from the Gemological Instirute of America (GIA) three years later, Tay Thye Sun initially entered the gemstone industry as a wholesale and retail dealer. However, after a constant struggle to obtain reliable and accurate ruby origin and treatment analysis, he then went on to further pursue his interests in lab-based gemological research and education. During the decades that have since followed, Mr. Thye Sun has auhored and co-authored numerous numerous papers and given presentations at conferences the world-over, including APEC summits in Melbourne and Beijing.

In 1983, having co-founded the Singapore Gemmologist''s Society - an organization for whom he would later serve as President for over a decade - Tay Thye Sun would also go on to become a member of the International Colored Gemstone Association''s (ICA) Technical Committee and the International Gemological Conference (IGC). He was also a member of UNESCO's Expert Group.

Much of his time is now devoted to his gemological laboratory and educational facility, the Far East Gemmological Institute, which is now in its eighteenth year.